Lella Russo

Photo of Lella Russo working

Lella grew up in the small town of Bernalda, in Basilicata – a region in the heart of southern Italy immersed in the Mediterranean.

The youngest of four children, all of whom now work in the arts, she was drawn to the great talent of her mother Maria as she drew, sewed, and embroidered – often giving a new lease of life to the mundane, whilst filling the family home with an atmosphere of inventiveness and creative liveliness.

Her mothers’ ingenuity in making beauty out of everyday things has nourished Lella’s artistic career, inspiring her to transform and re-utilise pre-used materials and objects, knowing no boundaries to invention or possibility.

Lella’s sculptures are born of a passionate and courageous conversation between her hands and the essential qualities of the natural materials which inspire her work. Michael Csányi-Wills, Composer & Musician

Living and working in London for over twenty years now, Lella has immersed herself in its vibrant environment – calling on her own background of emotions, experience and knowledge whilst embracing the new and extraordinary.

Lella Russo is a transformative artist whose work always takes an investigative pathway toward a universal truth. She is an alchemist who can reanimate what seem unusual materials into a new paradigm that leaves you appreciating the wonder of possibility. Julian Joseph, British Jazz Pianist, Composer and Broadcaster